The filming classroom

Stand in front of the camera for one day.

Shoot your own movie with professional assistance of the Bavaria Filmstadt! Regardless, whether you do a romance or action film – you decide what’s going on. Besides a lot of fun we guarantee interesting inside views in the world of filmmaking: you experience how a film production is organized. At the end of the workshop you will take your own produced movie home on DVD! An incomparable experience at the Bavaria Filmstadt.


Since more than 20 years and almost every day the workshop-team welcomes a schoolclass or youth group. All necessary information and our contact persons are summarized in the following table.

Information and Registration

Participants: schoolclasses, youth groups, etc. 20 participants or more
Duration: 1 day, 9-17h (daily, also on weekends)
Costs: 27,00 € per participant, incl. 90minute Guided Tour through the Filmstadt; teachers and escorts (total max. 3 persons) free of charge; per class or group there’s a free copy of the film included in the price. 01.02.2018: 29,00 € per participant
Registration: ery simple – you call us and we sign you up; please register early!
Preparation/Postproduction: The filming classroom’s team assists you all the time.
For teachers: We provided considerable information and teaching materials for your class ready to download on the Internet. Visit us at
Catering/Food: At lunchtime the McDonald’s restaurant is waiting for you. If you plan to utilize your day of shooting fully, we recommend to bring your own food – you’ll have more time for the workshop.
Clothing: Make sure to dress for all weather conditions since a majority of the shooting will take place outdoors!
More information and contact: Melanie Link, Phone.: +49 89/64 99 35 57 Email:


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