4 D Film "Mowgli's Jungle Adventure" An adventure for the whole family
A fantastic setting Sarastro's palace from the cinema production "The Magic Flute"
Spaceship-Feeling The impressive space station from the science fiction thriller "Stowaway" on the Filmstadt tour
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Welcome to Bavaria Filmstadt

Welcome to your excursion into the world of film and television. Discover how monumental films and beloved television series are created. Experience the place, that well-known film professionals and big stars call their home.


What began 100 years ago as the first film studio in southern Germany is now a modern moving image campus. Take a look behind the scenes of the successful film and TV studio, where much of what you know from cinema and TV is created.




English guided tour starts daily between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. for international visitors.

Tickets only available at the ticket counter at the entrance. Please arrive at the ticket counter by 11:45 a.m. at latest.


Guided Tour

During your Guided Tour through our Filmstadt, you will experience film locations, original scenery and props from major movie-highlights and popular TV series.




4D Motion Ride

3D images and 3D sound, moving seats and special effects in the audience, make every film a breathtaking adventure.





HOLOGATE Virtual Reality Game

Immerse yourself in a virtual adventure. VR goggles on - controller on - off you go.






VIP programmes for guests of all ages

Exclusive offers for our visitors
Bavaria Filmstadt offers exclusive VIP programmes for visitor groups, individuals or companies. If you want to be guided alone or if you want the tourguide to take more time for you and a special setting, this is possible with our VIP programmes.




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