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New since July 2022


HOLOGATE Virtual Reality Game - Dive into a virtual experience

Put on your VR-glasses - Switch on your Controller - let's go! You are in a different realoty and experience an exiting time. Choose between six VR game offerings and enjoy the ultimate gaming fun alone or together with your friends.



Tickets for your virtual reality experience can currently only be purchased on site. 

The HOLOGATE VR Arena can also be booked exclusively for 60 minutes. Please send us your booking request by email to



Important note about the USK age rating:
The games available for selection have a USK age rating of 6, 12 or 16 years or older. Please note the corresponding label when starting the game or ask a member of staff. For games over 16 years of age, proof of age must be provided by showing identification. We reserve the right to ask for other USK age labels before the game starts.

The games are approved from:

Cold Clash:                   6 years

Groove Guardiens:     6 years

Captain Cook:              6 years

Angry Birds 2:              6 years

Ghostbusters:            12 years

Simurai:                      12 years

Zoombyte:                 16 years



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