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  • Groups of 20 people or more
  • Attention schools: please always let us know your postal adress

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  • The sooner you reserve your tickets (best 6- 8 weeks before your visit) the likelier it is that your tour will take place at the specified date & time

How does booking work?

  • Fill out the group form on the left and send it off
  • We then check if a booking is possible at the specified time and date
  • Upon receival of the booking confirmation, you and Studio City will have entered into a valid contract

Good to know!

  • On busy days, your tour time can differ from your reservation time
  • Groups of more than 60 people will be divided for the tour
  • People visiting by themselves or groups of up to 10 people do not need a reservationPlease make sure to pick up your tickets at the cash point 20 minutes PRIOR to your reservation
  • Should you prefer exclusive tours and service, please contact our VIP & Event Service

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Call us at +49 (089)/ 64 99 20 00.

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