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Your walking tour through the media world

Filmstadt Guided Tour: original scenery!

How do real film professionals work? During your Guided Tour, which takes about 90 minutes throughout the 300 000 square meter Media Campus, your tourguide will help you discover the most exciting aspects of film making. You will see original scenery, for example the real film adaption of the corresponding bestseller „Jim Button and Luke the Enginge Driver“ by Michael Ende and the new adventure "Jim Button and the Wild 13". Experience the movie set with Nepomuk, his volcano and the locomotive Emma.

Shoot your own film, get your souvenir

If you want to be a filmstar yourself, show off your talent in front of the camera at our several experience stations, for example in our „Fack ju Göhte“ classroom or our visual effects studio. By the way, of course you are able to purchase your short movies directly after the Guided Tour.


Duration approximately 90 minutes

„Das Boot“: a true blockbuster

One of the internationally most known movie is the classic „Das Boot“ based on Lothar Günther Buchheim’s novel. During your Guided Tour you will see the original-U96-setting, in which Wolfgang Petersen was directing the most important scenes of his magnificent movie in 1981. Learn everything, starting from the thrilling shooting to the TV event „Das Boot", a SKY produced series.

New: The impressive space station from the science fiction thriller "Stowaway" is now part of the Filmstadt tour

The ISS served as the model for the backdrop from the cinema film "Stowaway". Now the walk-in space station is part of the Filmstadt tour. It was built last year for the science fiction thriller produced in the Bavaria Studios. Director Joe Penna staged the story of a journey to Mars during which a stowaway is discovered, with Anna Kendrick as the doctor and Toni Collette as the commander. The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas in 2021.

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Elyas M’Barek's classroom

Also being presented in the Guided Tour: Germany’s coolest classroom. The original scenery from the „Fack ju Göhte“-trilogy, Germany’s most successful movie series of all time. This classroom was essentially characterised by the cult sentence: „Chantal, heul leise!“ Here Elias M’Barek alias Zeki Müller brings the chaotic class back on track. He helped the classroom of the fictitious Goethe-comprehensive school become famous and reached an audience of millions.


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